Artisan Approach

a new tradition

Perfume and Poison.  Designed in Australia. Made in Kashmir.

Discover a collection of hand woven artworks, celebrating the union of art and artisans. Each carpet is hand knotted. Weaving Dena’s free flowing artworks created a change and a challenge for the traditional Persian carpet weavers in Kashmir.  Carefully selected artisans hand weave these luxurious carpets.

Each piece is woven with 100% silk.  One single filament of silk is incredibly strong and with intense sheen. According to the light reflections the surface of the silk show an amazing colour change.  Each carpet has many colours - up to 36 colours and 576 knots per square inch.  

Firesun exquisite silk carpets and designer rugs can be hung on the wall or thrown luxuriously across the floor to make the most breathtaking statement of colour and design.