Watermoon Collection

Free-form floral figures bloom gently in a lunar landscape. Woven in Rajasthan and Pakistan, the Watermoon Collection has a subdued, grounded energy. It employs a combination of wool and silk with an earthy tonality and a lower knot density to deliver a soft, laid-back look.

For the Watermoon Collection, Dena Lawrence works with weavers in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Sheikhupura in Pakistan’s Punjab province. These weavers apply their technical expertise to translate her original artworks into softer interpretations, that have a multitude of interior applications. Sitting well in any modern setting, the reduced colour palette enables them to blend more easily into an interior scheme, complementing surrounding furnishings, while still bringing the freeform energy of the original paintings to the space.

By reducing the complexity and intensity of the original artworks, and by using a combination of wool and silk at a relatively low knot count, the Watermoon Collection offers calmer, more relaxed versions of Dena Lawrence’s original artworks, available at a lower price point than the faithfully rendered, all-silk Firesun Collection.