About the Designer Rugs Artist - Dena Lawrence Rugs


Dena Lawrence

Designer Rug Artist - Dena Lawrence

Dena Lawrence is an acclaimed artist and art psychotherapist and a professional member of the Australia and New Zealand Art Therapy Association.

Dena’s current works are semiabstract, free flowing and enchanting. Artworks created by splashing, layering and dribbling with paint.  The dynamic Artworks interplay the elements fire, earth, water and Air.  Dena’s inspirations are wildflowers, vivid Australian outback landscapes, seascapes and childhood memories.

“My art making connects and engages my creative spirit and identity. It is a process and a dance with the unknown, using intuition and improvisational experiments to create beauty. It is a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. I use my imagination, passion and curiosity to discover inner spirit and meaning.”

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