Round Rugs vs Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick?

Round Rugs vs Rectangular Rugs

Choosing designer rugs is never easy. The availability of rugs in a huge variety of materials, designs and quality makes things quite tricky. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to choose the perfect shaped rug for your space. Round or rectangular - the eternal question when it comes to rug shapes.

Not many people think that they would be spending so much time choosing the right rug shape. Some rooms lend themselves naturally to a round or a rectangular shape and choosing the shape for such rooms isn't such a challenge. However, most other spaces could do with either a round or a rectangular rug and that is where the whole problem begins.

Round Rugs

There is no denying that round rugs are in these days. Round shaped rugs are often chosen to tone down the sharp angles in a room. These also work well with round furniture such as a round coffee table or a round dining table. If a room looks more masculine, a round-shaped rug can be introduced to balance the aesthetics. These rugs also work well for smaller areas. You have the option of using them in layers or in isolation. Some people also like to bring together multiple circular rugs to create a unique look with contrasting colours.

Rectangular Rugs

A rectangle is the most common shape for a rug. Rectangular rugs are everywhere. In fact, most of the rugs are rectangular which means you get a lot more options in terms of designs, colours and overall aesthetics. This shape works great for large open spaces such as offices, living rooms and sitting areas. These also work as kitchen rugs.

How to Choose the Right Rug Shape for Your Living Space

It's not easy to choose the right rug shape for your living space. You might want to put a square rug in the living space because you like its design but it may not make sense due to the shape of the room.

There are certain other things that also affect the choice of a shape. You need to take your time choosing the right rug shape as a mistake may not only make things look awkward but also impractical.

Round Rugs vs Rectangular Rugs

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Before making a decision, measure the size of the area where you plan to put the rug. It will help you in choosing the right shape
  • Take measurements of the furniture including your sofa and chairs to make sure that there is enough room around the rug
  • Choose a rug based on the use of the room. A rectangular shape is perfect for office space but a circular rug works best for the family room
  • If you want to cover the floor but also show it off, circular rugs are great for areas such as entryways.
  • Rectangular or square shapes work best for tight spaces by creating the illusion of a bigger room.
  • A rectangular or square shape works best for high-traffic areas whereas you may want to go with a round or semicircle shape for low traffic areas
  • Choose a shape based on the overall design/theme of the room where the rug is going to be placed
  • There is no harm in going with the trend but a rug's shape and design should reflect your personal preferences
  • Choose a shape based on the available space in the room. It should not overtake the limited space
  • There is no harm in mixing together different shapes to create an eclectic look
  • If there are multiple rooms in your home with varying designs, you may want to put different shapes in different rooms
  • Take into consideration your future needs when choosing a shape

Final Thoughts

Overall, rugs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While rectangular shapes are the most common, you can easily find oval shape rugs or circular rugs or some other uncommon shapes. At the end of the day, a rug should bring everything together. It should not overwhelm its surroundings. Choose a rug shape based on the shape of the room, furniture and your personal style.

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