How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Bedroom Rug

Choosing Perfect Colour For Your Bedroom Rug

While any room in your home can benefit from having one, rugs are especially striking in the bedroom. After all, this is one of the most intimate and cozy rooms in your entire house! 

Bedroom designer rugs can take many forms, from large area rugs to wall to wall coverings layered on top of the flooring or carpet. All of these options can help you add some level of style and excitement to an otherwise simple space. 

If you are looking to decorate your bedroom with a suitable rug, you have come to the right place. Read on below to find out more about choosing the perfect colour for your bedroom rug. 

Benefits Of Using Rugs In Your Bedroom

  • Add Personality: Adding a designer rug to your bedroom helps you give the space your personal style and touch. A rug instantly adds colour, texture and pattern to a space, without breaking the bank. As such, you can instantly transform your bedroom by simply adding a rug.    
  • Help you Define the Space: If you have a large bedroom, you can use an area rug under the bed to define and somewhat divide the area into zones. A rug can also help you separate your “bedroom space” from the living area.  
  • Noise Reduction: Adding a rug to your bedroom will definitely make it easier for you to sleep. Hard surfaces can sound echoey. Furthermore, such surfaces do not absorb sounds as well, and normally produce clicking sounds whenever there are footsteps in the room. A rug can change all this by dampening the sounds in your bedroom.  
  • Keep your Feet Feeling Cozy: At the very least, adding a rug in your bedroom is bound to make it cozier, especially for your feet. Simply put, carpeted floors are softer to walk on than wood flooring or tile flooring. With a rug, you will have a soft and cozy surface to walk on even with bare feet. 
  • Protect your Floors: Last but not least, a well-positioned rug can play a huge role in protecting your bedroom floors from scuff and scratches, especially around high traffic areas.  
Choosing Perfect Colour For Your Bedroom Rug

    Steps In Choosing The Right Colour For Your Bedroom Rug

    Follow these steps when choosing the perfect colour for your rug:  

    • Choose A Feeling: Did you know that rug colours can affect how you feel? Well, now you do. Colours can have a huge influence on how people respond to things and other people in their everyday lives. The effect of colours on people varies, depending on their cultural backgrounds and individual circumstances. By understanding the basic psychology behind colour, you can use that knowledge to pick a rug that can help you create the exact mood you want in your bedroom.    
    • Consider How The Space Is Lit: The way the colour of your rug is perceived can be significantly influenced by how light and shadows naturally fall on your bedroom. The intensity of sunlight falling into your bedroom changes as the sun moves across the sky – affecting how the colours on your rug look. You should also remember to consider how the movement of the sun changes the way shadows fall into the space; as well as the effect of ambient lighting.   
    • Analyse The Existing Colour Scheme: Colour schemes play a huge role in your choice of the perfect colour for your bedroom rug and any space for that matter! You should consider wall colours in your bedroom, before choosing a rug. If your rug adds a new accent colour to the space, try and add matching details in the form of artwork or even throw pillows. 

    Pro Tip: interior designers recommend choosing a rug with solid colours when decorating a space that features furniture with a dramatic pattern, or a patterned rug for space with solid colour décor. Be sure to choose rugs with light colours, if you want to give the impression that your bedroom is bigger than it is.   

    • Get Some Inspiration: When choosing a rug for your bedroom, it is always worthwhile for you to find interior design inspiration from various sources, including Pinterest, magazines, other people’s homes and even your local café where applicable.   
    • Don’t Forget to Consider Your Tastes and Preferences: Lastly, don’t forget to factor in your own personal taste and preferences in your final decision. After all, your bedroom is a very personal space that should capture your own unique style and character.   

    Final Thoughts 

    To choose the perfect colour for your bedroom rug, you will need to carefully follow the above steps. However, even though these steps may seem a bit rigid on what works and what doesn’t, you should always try your best to make sure that you follow your own tastes and preferences. With that in mind, you are likely to be satisfied with your room’s final look, whether you opt for a black and white rug or a colourful option. 

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