Decorating With Rugs - An Expert Guide

Decorating With Rugs Expert Guide

Decorating your living space with rugs can make a significant impact – transforming your home into a cosy space. While most people often resort to defining their space with a furniture arrangement, adding a designer rug can also get the job done and help tie all the pieces together, especially if you have an open-plan space. Having a rug as part of your home décor can layer the room, anchor it, and add warmth.

There is a wide variety of luxury rugs you can select from and different ways to use them to style your home. For instance, rugs can be the focal point in your home, or you can use them to complement your interior design. Want to learn more about decorating with rugs? Please read on.

Why use rugs for decoration? 

The Benefits Of Using Rugs When Decorating Your Home

There are plenty of benefits of using rugs to decorate your home. Here are a couple of advantages:

1. Warm up the space

Adding a rug can improve a room's temperature, especially during winter. Wool rugs, in particular will provide warmth in a cold space as they efficiently hold heat. Besides warming up your space in a literal sense, when you choose a rug with accent colours, it can also brighten up and warm your home.

 2. Reinforce your style

Factors to consider when choosing a rug that you can live with is - your lifestyle and your personal style. Do you need a rug for high traffic areas or have children and pets, you may consider a more durable rug. Decorating your home with rugs can accentuate your style. For instance, if you want a boho chic living room, you need to choose a rug that complements the rest of the room. Consider a bespoke rug to create a luxe look. Experiment with patterns, shapes and motifs. Choose cushions, art and accessories that have complementary tones and colours.

 3. Zone areas

If you live in an open-plan space, you can use rugs to zone out the areas. To create an intimate atmosphere in an open area, you may use a larger rug. Highlight and break up the space with rugs to mark out boundaries.
Rugs can also anchor your furniture.

 4. Absorb sound

If you have ample open space, consider decorating your home with rugs to help absorb sound. Rugs are fun and add interest and are excellent for reducing and absorbing sound if you have tiled floors or hardwood floors.

 5. Reinforce your colour scheme

It helps to have a colour scheme in mind when choosing a rug. Doing so helps create a cohesive feel and look in your home. A rug also reinforces your colour scheme if it has elements of your design scheme.

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Home 

  • Size

Always consider the size of your rug when picking one for your home. The size needs to fit the furniture you place on it and define where a space starts and ends.

  • Colour

When choosing a rug, it is essential to choose one that creates harmony in your home. You can use rugs to add character and depth to your space while maintaining harmony. Just ensure they complement your furniture's tone and the room's overall colour scheme. 

  • Shape

While rectangle-shaped rugs are the most common choice, plenty of other shapes are available. When choosing the shape of the rug you want, please consider things like your space's architecture and furniture arrangement. Generally, use a rectangular rug in a rectangular room, a square rug in a square room; and save round rugs for usage in entry halls, under any circular dining tables, or even in a playroom.


Decorating With Rugs Expert Guide

Different Ways To Decorate With A Rug

There are multiple ways you can decorate your home using rugs. Here are a few options:

  •  Create balance

You can use rugs to create harmony in your home, especially when using multiple rugs. But how can you create balance with multiple rugs?

When you use different rugs to decorate your home, you have to choose rugs that complement each other's styles. Otherwise, you will create a jarring effect. It will also be best not to use same-sized rugs, especially when you want to create variety. 

  • Create a focal point

You can use rugs as the focal point in your living space. You can take different approaches if you want your rugs to make a significant impact.

For instance, you can dress up your walls by using rugs as a wall hanging. You can also paint your walls with a shade that's a replica of one of your rugs accent colours. Doing so creates a contrast and makes the rug the focal point. 

  • Control the volume

Did you know you can use a rug to turn up the volume or quieten your home visually? Well, you can. It is crucial that you factor in other design elements in your room when choosing a rug

For instance, if the wallpaper or upholstery in your home has an elaborate pattern, you should have a more subtle rug. On the other hand, you can select a rug with a bolder colour or busy patterns if your upholstery and walls are reasonably subdued. 

  • Get the right rug size

When buying a rug, it is crucial to get the right size. A tip for buying rugs for dining areas is, when you have a rug under your dining table, ensure it leaves at least 24 inches of the rug from the table's edge on all sides. Doing so ensures that both the front legs and back legs of chairs in the dining room stay on the rug when someone pulls out the chair.
  • Play around

You do not necessarily only have to buy a rectangle rug. You can play around with shape. Use your furniture arrangement to determine the shape of the rug you buy. 

Depending on what shape best complements your furniture, you can choose an oval, round, or square rug shape. Other than the shape of your rug, consider changing your throw pillow and area rug to update your room for the different seasons. 

Final Thoughts

A rug can complement your interior décor or bring everything together when styled appropriately. When decorating with rugs, it helps to consider other elements of your design scheme to ensure everything works together. Never underestimate what the right rug can do for your living space. 

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Decorating your space with a rug has multiple benefits and could be just what your space needs to tie everything together. Looking for something unique? Rugs are available in different shapes, patterns, sizes, and colours.

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