How To Choose Living Room Rugs - Do's And Don'ts

How Choose Living Room Rugs

Choosing a rug for your living room can be challenging, but the right rug will anchor and tie everything together. Rugs are a great way to style your home and define zones in your living space. There are several rug designs you can choose from whether you want a patterned rug or a solid colour rug.

However, when choosing a rug for your floor space, there are several factors you need to consider. For instance, you have to consider the size of the rug and whether it complements your interior décor. Want to learn more about how to choose a designer rug that best suits your living room? Please keep reading.

How To Choose Living Room Rugs: Do's

Here are some do's when choosing a rug for your living room:

- Size: Before purchasing a rug, ensure you measure the space you want to put the rug and your furniture. For instance, when buying a rug for your dining room, you must ensure that the chairs' back and front legs stay on the rug when someone pulls out a chair. You do not necessarily need to buy a large rug, but the rug you choose should be proportionate to your living room. Look at the different sizes and select one that is a perfect fit and displays a touch of your style.

- Look at a rug's functionality: Other than choosing the colour and pattern for your living room rug, you need to consider its functionality. It helps to know the type of rug you are purchasing. There are different types of materials, including flat weave and wool rugs. Therefore, you need to factor in a rug's stain resistance and durability. If you plan to have the rug in high traffic areas in your living space, ensure the rug is not prone to wear and tear.

- Seek advice from a professional: Consider seeking advice from an interior designer on what rug will best fit your living room. It helps to have design inspiration in mind and your floor space measurements. Talking to a professional makes the process of picking out a rug for your space simpler. Besides, if you don't know much about the different rugs available, you will benefit significantly from talking to a professional.

- Styling: There are different ways to style your home with a rug. Therefore, when choosing a rug, you can build the room design around the rug or use the rug to complement the existing colour and design scheme. For instance, if you want to update your space now and then, you can achieve this with an area rug or room rug.

How Choose Living Room Rugs

How To Choose Living Room Rugs: Don'ts

Here are some mistakes you can avoid when choosing rugs for your living room:

- Colour: You do not have to choose white or black rugs for your living room. It will also be best to avoid placing these rugs in high traffic areas if you have kids or pets. There are different colours to pick from other than black and white rugs.

- Shape: You do not have to select a conventionally shaped rug for your living room. There are other shapes to choose from apart from a rectangle-shaped rug, and you can always use differently shaped rugs as layer rugs.

- Playing it safe: You do not have to play it safe when choosing a rug. Instead, consider it a challenge to show your creativity, style and personality. For instance, choosing a neutral seating area rug can make your space appear washed out. Your rug does not have to match your coffee table. Consider choosing a graduated, Persian, geometric. or two-toned rug.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Living Room Rugs

Choosing the right living room rug has several benefits, including:

- Absorbing sound: Rugs can be excellent sound insulators, especially in high traffic areas like the living room. Strategically placing your rug can absorb sound.

- Fortify your style: The right living room rug will accentuate and reinforce your style and colour scheme if any. These can help create a sense of harmony in your space.

- Tie everything together: Choosing the right rug can help tie everything in your living space together and zone areas. A rug can anchor your furniture while defining where space starts and ends.

- Warm your space: You can use rugs to improve the temperature in your room, particularly in the months of winter.

Final Thoughts

It would help if you considered different features when selecting a rug for your home. The right rug can significantly improve your living space and make all the elements work together. Therefore, always ensure you factor in the other design elements in your home and what you want to achieve with your rug.

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