Dining Room Rugs to Match all sorts of Furniture

Dining Room Rugs To Match your Furniture

Did you know that area rugs do more than boost the appearance and style of your home? They also anchor furniture, warm up spaces, increase comfort, reduce noise, and protect your floors from damage. That's why most homeowners have area rugs in their family rooms, living rooms, offices, dining area, and even hallways. 

Everyone can agree that we need them. But how do you choose the ideal designer rug for your house—especially your dining room—when there are so many possibilities available? Interior designers claim that making the wrong choice of dining room area rugs is one of the most frequent mistakes in home design. 

How can you avoid this common error? Here is a thorough guide from Dena Lawrence Rugs to help you out:

How to Match Your Dining Room Rug With Your Furniture 

  • Size

Matching your dining room rug with the furniture starts with the first essential factor to consider—size. Should you go for exact, smaller, or bigger? It's common to hear "the bigger the better," but that's not always the case.

Although you don’t want to get a rug that is so small that it looks like a lost island in the middle of the sea, you also don't want a rug that is too big as it can overwhelm your dining space. So what's the perfect size? About 18-24 inches bigger on each side of your dining set. That way, dining chairs can slide out without moving off the edge of the rug.

  • Colour

Your rug accounts for about 30% of your dining room's colour scheme so make sure you pick the right colour. That said, you can go for one that contrasts or matches your furniture's colour scheme. 

For example, if you have a dark shade of dining chairs, a lighter shade of rug will contrast well, and vice versa. Alternatively, you could pick a rug that has one of the colours on the dining furniture so that they rhyme well. Note that a light-coloured rug will open up the space while a dark one will make it feel smaller.

  • Pattern and Style

If your dining room furniture has one solid colour, choose a patterned rug to break up the solid block of colour. On the other hand, if your furniture has multiple colours or patterns, pick a solid-coloured rug. 

When it comes to style, modern synthetic carpets typically feature a variety of patterns. Oriental and Persian rugs are however made with geometric or floral patterns. To avoid clashing patterns, coordinate your dining furniture with matching carpets and furnishings. 

  • Shape

Matching the shape of your rug and the existing furniture might be challenging. However, you can make the right choice by looking at the general room feel. Modern homes, for example, have geometric patterns and hence do well with rectilinear shapes such as rectangular rugs. 

You could also look at your dining table. Square dining tables do well with square rugs while circular tables rhyme well with circular rugs. However, matching the rugs with the furniture shape is not the best way to get it right. Simply look at the interior design theme of your dining area and living room then opt for a complementary shape.

Dining Room Rugs To Match your Furniture

How To Choose the Right Dining Room Rugs - 3 Key Tips

1). Pick The Correct Size

    To do this, measure your dining table and chairs, add at least 60 cm/24 inches on each side, and mark the space with painter's tape on the floor. Measure the length and width needed for your dining room rug. Consider scaling up if your dining room has other furnishings such as a drinks trolley or serving table so that they fit comfortably. 

    2). Think About Colour and Pattern

      Do you want your dining room rug to be the focal point of your space? If so, consider a bold colour or pattern. If you already have a bold feature, say a centrepiece, choose a more subdued rug. 

      3). Choose Easy-Clean Colours and Materials

        Your dining room is a dirt hub. As such, avoid colours like white as they show dirt and stain easily. When it comes to material, thick, shaggy, furry rugs that hold on to dirt and debris should also be avoided. Generally, natural fibres such as wool and cotton are easy to clean at home while synthetic blends are more difficult. 

        Should Living Room and Dining Room Rugs Match? 

        It's simple; do whatever you feel like because it's your home! But have this in mind:

        • When Matching the Rugs

        Sometimes it's preferable to match the rugs in your dining room and living room. For instance, it makes sense to have the same rug in each area if your living and dining rooms are adjacent and you regard them as one space. It gives a simple aesthetic especially if both spaces share a similar design scheme. 

        • Mixing the Rugs

        Other times, having 2 different rugs in your living and dining rooms makes sense. That's especially the case if the rooms are physically divided. They could share similar features to tie the theme together but have different colours, shapes, or patterns. 

        Final Thoughts

        When choosing a rug to use under your dining table, there are many factors to take into account. Of course, the most important query is: Do you actually require one? Well, not necessarily. 

        If you have an open floor plan where the living and dining room are adjacent to one another, you don't. You could have a rug in your living room and an accent feature in your dining area to tie it all together. Otherwise, if you decide to get one, make sure you take all the above features into account. 

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