4 Tips On Choosing Outdoor Rugs

4 Tips Choosing Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor designer rugs add a nice touch of comfort to your outdoor space. Furthermore, they are important accessories that make a space pop. They not only add fun patterns and colours but also give the deck or patio a homely feeling. However, outdoor rugs are not just about aesthetics.

People must also consider other factors such as functionality and maintenance needs. That said, this article serves as a helpful guide when it comes to choosing an outdoor rug.

What Are Outdoor Rugs Made Of?

Unlike indoor rugs, outdoor area rugs are made of different synthetic materials to increase their durability. Here are different synthetic materials used to make outdoor rugs:

Polypropylene Fabric

This is the most used material for outdoor synthetic rugs. It's stain-resistant, easy to clean, doesn't fade in the sun, and is perfect for high-traffic areas. It's tough and long-lasting, but not at the expense of comfort! These carpets have the same sensation underfoot as natural fibre rugs but are less expensive. They are, however, incredibly combustible due to their synthetic nature. Therefore, keep them away from sources of strong heat, such as fire pits or barbecues.

Polyester Fabric

This fabric makes outdoor dining rugs long-lasting and sturdy. In addition, they are fade-resistant and come in a variety of colours. While they can handle most stains, oil-based stains are more difficult to remove. As a result, it is advisable to not use these rugs in areas where food will be eaten.

Nylon Materials

Nylon is stain-resistant and easy to clean. As such, these rugs can be placed under dining tables and coffee tables because staining from food and drinks is not really an issue. Because of their durability, these rugs are perfect for busy outdoor living spaces. It should not, however, be placed in direct sunlight because the material can become hot to the touch.

Sisal and Jute

Fabrics Because of their firmness, these outdoor living room rugs are ideal for outdoor seating areas. They're biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and comfortable to walk on. Unfortunately, jute is difficult to clean and is prone to fading and mould growth. As a result, jute and sisal rugs should be kept under a covered porch or patio, as opposed to sitting areas without a roof.

4 Tips Choosing Outdoor Rugs

Choosing the Right Outdoor Rugs

1. Pick the Right Size Rug

The size of the outdoor rug is determined by the dimensions of the patio as well as personal preferences on beauty. Small rugs, for example, are best used on entryways or as a small decoration in-between furniture. On the other hand, large rugs are ideal for use beneath outdoor furniture. Pick the size of rug depending on the space it is going to accessorise.

2. Pick the Right material

Since outdoor rugs are made from different materials, they have distinct features and maintenance requirements. For example, if the rug will stick out from underneath a dining table, it is better to choose a material that is easy to clean. This is because dining table rugs are prone to oily stains which can be hard to get rid of. Therefore, consider the functionality of the rug before choosing it.

3. Choose the Right Shape of the Rug

Outdoor rugs come in many shapes and sizes. Rugs can either have a round, square, or rectangular shape. Always pick the shape that complements the outdoor space. For instance, a circular outdoor room will look good with a round outdoor rug.

4. Pick a Colour that Blends in With the Outdoor Furniture

The colour of the outdoor rug should complement the furniture and other décor pieces. Always make sure that every item in the space is colour-coordinated. Always pick a rug that matches the theme of the outdoor space. Preferably, avoid bright rugs because they are harder to clean and maintain.

How to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Rugs

Shake the Rug First

Hang the outdoor rug on a wall or a clothes line, and shake it. Shaking will let all the larger dirt particles fall off. If the rug is too big to shake, use a big stick to hit it. Hit both sides until no more dirt particles fall off.

Vacuum the Rug

This process is critical in ensuring that the cleaning process eliminates all the dust particles. Remember, shaking the rug only eliminates the larger particles. When vacuuming, make sure both sides of the rug are clean. That way, the rug will be left without any dust particles.

Clean With Soapy

Water After vacuuming, there could still be oily stains stuck on the rug. These can only be cleaned with soapy water. Take a sponge and dip it in soapy water. Use the sponge to clean the rug and rinse with clean water to get rid of all the stains.

Final Thoughts

While outdoor rugs add to the beauty of any outdoor space, they require effort to maintain. However, if homeowners pick the right rug, maintenance should not be a major problem. If you follow our tips on how to choose the best rugs, this will make things much easier for you.

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