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Handwoven in Kashmir

Materials: 100% silk
Knots per sq. inch: 484
Colours: 22
Technique: Hand-woven
Pile Height: 6-7mm
Size: 1.83 x 2.75 meters (6x9ft)
Origin: Kashmir
Area Recommended: All areas

Introducing Maschera: The Captivating Carnival-Inspired Handwoven Silk Rug Maschera is a handwoven silk rug that captures a carnival's playful and enchanting aura. Its design features a beautiful blend of colours, including playful pinks, radiant mustard tones, vibrant purples, and soothing greens. These colours dance harmoniously to create an artistic celebration of whimsy.

The rug's design showcases an intriguing play of optical illusions, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. It invites you into a world where reality wears a mask, leaving you enchanted and curious. Maschera's colour palette transports you to a vibrant carnival world, where each colour narrates a different story. The deep purples, soft greens, and playful pinks create an atmosphere of festivity and boundless creativity.

Make Maschera the centrepiece of your space and infuse it with whimsy and artistic mystery. Embrace the carnival vibes, revel in the intrigue of masks, and immerse yourself in the optical illusion that Maschera gracefully brings to life in your home.


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