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Handwoven in Kashmir.  

Materials:  100% silk
Knots per sq. inch: 576
Colours: 36
Technique: Hand-woven
Pile Height: 6-7mm
Size: 1.52 x 2.13 metres (5x7ft).
Origin: Kashmir
Area Recommended: All areas.

Introducing "Fireflower," a captivating silk rug meticulously handwoven in Kashmir by Dena Lawrence. Bursting with explosive colours and dynamic energy, this creation ignites your space with passion and strength.

Immerse yourself in the enlivening representation of energetic radiance in motion. Each intricate detail showcases the artist's dedication, symbolizing boundless energy and vitality.

Let "Fireflower" command attention as the focal point of your room, inspiring and invigorating your space with its powerful presence.
Crafted with the finest silk, "Fireflower" indulges your senses with its luxurious texture, creating a sense of comfort and indulgence.

Embrace the dynamic spirit of "Fireflower" and infuse your home with vivacious energy. Its vibrant colours and striking design uplift your mood, igniting your space with an irresistible zest for life.


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