Unraveling Truths
Unraveling Truths
Unraveling Truths

Unraveling Truths

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This is an open edition paper print and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Unframed prints are delicate and therefore carefully packaged. Small prints are delivered flat packed and larger sizes are rolled in an art box. Each artwork is printed on 310gsm textured cotton rag paper.

Available in three sizes:

  • A4: 210 x 297mm
  • A3: 297 x 420mm
  • A2: 420 x 594mm

"Unraveling Truths: A Reflection on Media and Disinformation"

Dena Lawrence's artwork "Unraveling Truths" is a thought-provoking representation of the challenges we face in discerning truth from falsehoods in today's information-saturated world. Through the interplay of poured, dribbled red, black, and white paint over a printed paper surface, the Artwork symbolises the dynamic and chaotic nature of the swirling and distorted narratives that can emerge through media channels.

The contrasting colours of red, black, and white further emphasise the intensity and dichotomy of the subject matter. Red, evoking emotions of alarm and urgency, speaks to the potential dangers of misleading information. Black signifies darkness and the presence of falsehoods, while white hints at the pursuit of truth and the desire for transparency. "Unraveling Truths" compels us to critically examine the information we encounter and cultivate media literacy. It encourages us to seek multiple perspectives, verify sources, and think critically before accepting information at face value.

The artwork prompts us to reflect on the importance of a discerning mind and an informed citizenry in navigating the complexities of our media landscape. Overall, "Unraveling Truths" reminds us of our vital role in fostering an informed society and upholding the integrity of information in an era of disinformation. It inspires a renewed commitment to truth-seeking and responsible media consumption and encourages conversations about the impact of disinformation on our society.


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