Designer rugs that bring life and beauty to your floors.

When you purchase a luxury rug from Dena Lawrence Designer Rugs, you will be investing
in a one-off artwork that will completely enrich
the interior of your home or commercial space. Blending function with exquisite design and craftsmanship,
Dena Lawrence Designer Rugs are enduring in beauty and composition – ensuring a luxurious
rug that will stand the test of time both visually
and practically.

Dena A design process as beautiful as our rugs.

The journey of your rug begins with Dena Lawrence. An acclaimed Perth-based artist, Dena’s design inspiration is collected from myriad sources including her rich travel history, professional art therapy background, and a deep personal appreciation for the infinite beauty of the elements of nature. Initially created on paper - often in consultation with our clients - Dena’s expressionist paintings are translated by our weavers in Kashmir, Rajasthan in India and Pakistan who, by utilising the world’s most exquisite silk, wool, and cotton, skilfully and masterfully bring Dena’s designs to life. This is a process that can take several months, to ensure your rug is impeccable in its portrayal of Dena’s artwork. From creative ideation through to the final handwoven stitch, each of our Dena Lawrence Designer Rugs tells its own unique story - a story that will continue when your masterpiece is brought into your home.

Dena’s designs extend beyond the trends of today. When brought to life by our artisan weavers, you can trust that your rug will be timeless in both beauty and quality – and will be appreciated by many generations to come.