Luxury Rugs Are Becoming Popular To Interior Designers: Here Are The Reasons Why

Luxury Rugs Becoming Popular Interior Designers

A well-selected designer rug can become the focal point of any indoor space and enhance your home’s décor, in addition to being a furnishing accessory. Luxury rugs have the ability to transform your home into something you can be proud of by introducing an element of exceptional beauty. These impressive area rugs are known for their emotional appeal and aesthetic impact. 

Traditionally considered to be signs of wealth and social prestige, luxury designer rugs have been growing in popularity in recent times, thanks to modern design trends. Read on below to find out why top interior design experts and homeowners alike are shifting their focus to luxury rugs.   

What Is A Luxury Designer Rug? 

A luxury designer rug can be defined as a handmade rug that uses natural materials, such as wool and silk among others. The term luxury rug conjures up thoughts and images of the soft, deep and sumptuous silky pile. Silk is associated with a unique lustre that is impossible to replicate, on top of being soft to touch. The material, which is produced by silkworms, also takes long to produce; thereby, increasing the price. 

Luxury rugs are also defined by their colour, texture, design, fibre and craftsmanship as well. Given these characteristics, these types of designer rugs have an important role to play when it comes to creating beautiful interiors. 

Reasons Why Luxurious Rugs Are Becoming More Popular 

Today’s homes have numerous roles. Adding a handmade rug to your living space can help you separate different functional spaces. You can use an area rug to separate areas for various activities including spaces for spending quality time, comfort zones and a workspace among others. As such, you can consider this interior décor element as somewhat of a creative wall. 

Enhancing The Look And Feel Of Your Home 

With people being forced to spend more time indoors, designer rugs are being used to create more appealing and alluring indoor spaces. Getting a rug that perfectly blends with your home’s décor can go a long way toward making your home more inviting. Colorful rugs can make your home pop. Furthermore, the colour and pattern of the rug can work with a room’s décor – thus making it possible for you to experiment with different elements of each room.  

  • Enriching Interior Décor

Luxury rugs are increasingly being viewed as a great addition to any interior décor set-up. If you are looking to enhance your home’s interior decorations, consider getting an area rug. These works of art can stand out while still bringing together all of the different elements of a room. 

Choosing a rug with a muted tone is considered to be a safer option, while bright colours are seen as a bold statement. As a rule of thumb, consider going for a neutral solid rug if you have vibrant interiors – this choice will help introduce an element of harmony in the room.  

  • Nurturing Mental Wellbeing 

In these stressful modern times, luxury rugs are increasingly being seen as great additions to any interior space. Natural rugs are a great way to bring nature indoors – during a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to get out and treat your eyes while getting some much-needed fresh air. 

  • Desire For Designer Rugs 

A good number of people have the desire to own a piece of artwork. Luxury designer rugs are considered to be works of art, thanks to their impressive designs and craftsmanship. If you want to make a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home, consider getting a luxury designer rug for your dining room or living room. 

Luxury Rugs Becoming Popular Interior Designers

How To Choose Luxury Rugs For Your Home

  • Production Method 

You can find both machine-made and handmade designer rugs. When shopping for these types of rugs, it is important to note that handmade variants are considered to be more durable. Furthermore, you can find one that matches your exact preferences given the fact that handmade rugs are more flexible in terms of design.  

  • Placement 

Take some time to think about where you should place the rug before making your final purchasing decision. There are different rug styles for different spaces including dining rooms and those meant to be placed under coffee tables. 

  • Fabric

While wool is the most popular material for luxury rugs, you can find other choices including silk and cotton. 

  • Colour And Pattern 

You should use your existing furniture when choosing the colour and pattern of your new luxury rug. Colourful rugs as well as those with bold patterns can really bring a room together, provided that they match the existing décor. 

Final Thoughts

According to seasoned interior designers, luxury rugs can help your transform your home into a warm and inviting space. Use the above tips to make an informed final decision when it comes to purchasing these impressive works of art.  

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