Award Winning Artwork for your floor. Inspired by Australian nature.


Dena won ‘Best Studio Artist Design’ at the prestigious international Domotex Carpet Design Awards 2024. When you purchase a luxury rug from Dena Lawrence Designer Rugs, you will be investing in a one-off artwork that will completely enrich the interior of your home or commercial space. Blending function with exquisite design and craftsmanship, Dena Lawrence Designer Rugs are enduring in beauty and composition – ensuring a luxurious rug that will stand the test of time both visually and practically. View my story on my video


Shimmering painterly expressions with vivid intensity, inspired by elemental forces and the natural world. Beginning
as original artworks then finely knotted in 100% silk, the Firesun Collection employs a high knot density to convey the dynamic movement of Dena Lawrence’s paintings in hyper-real detail. This collection is home to ‘Maschera”, the Carpet
Design Awards 2024 Winning Rug.


The Watermoon Collection has a subdued, grounded energy. It employs a combination of wool and silk with an earthy tonality and a Lower knot density to deliver a soft, laid-back look.

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A design process as beautiful as our rugs.

The journey of your rug begins with Dena Lawrence. An acclaimed Perth-based artist, Dena’s design inspiration is collected from myriad sources including her rich travel history, professional art therapy background, and a deep personaL appreciation for the infinite beauty of the elements of nature.

Initially created on paper - often in consultation with our clients - Dena’s expressionist paintings are translated by our weavers in Kashmia, India and Pakistan who, by tilising the world’s most exquisite silk, wool, and cotton, skilfully and masterfully bring Dena’s designs to life. This is a process that can take several months, to ensure your rug is impeccable in its portrayal of Dena’s artwork.

From creative ideation through to the final handwoven stitch, each of our Dena Lawrence designer Rugs tells its own unique story - a story that will continue when your masterpiece is brought into your home.

Dena’s designs extend beyond the trends of today. When brought to life by our artisan weavers, you can trust that your rug will be timeless in both beauty and quality – and will be appreciated by many generations to come.


Join Dena as she shares the stories behind her designs.
Our Origins.

A rug seller in Kerala, southern India, invited Dena Lawrence in for a cup of tea as she passed by his shop daily for a course of Ayurvedic reatment. She left his shop with two rugs and an invitation to his family home in Kashmir.



The Dena Lawrence rug I have gives me enormous pleasure and a point of contemplation everyday. The vibrant colours are magnificent and the soft luxurious silk is cooling and relaxing for my feet. Also very nice to sit or lay down on. The quality of the rug “Explosion” is superb.

Mark Wouda
Western Australia

rug is a source of constant delight. It is vibrant, providing an explosion of
colour in a room, which is furnished in rather subdued colours.There is nothing on the Australian market with which to compare it in terms ofits craftsmanship, design and colour.

Chris Jeffries
Western Australia

I feel lucky to own two of Dena’s wonderful carpets/rugs. They are taken from paintings of hers that are woven into beautiful carpets of different sizes. The vivid colours and artistry of Dena’s rugs brighten up any room in the house. I full recommend that you purchase one of these pieces of art while you can.

Kaye McFarnell
Western Australia

Exquisite masterpieces crafted from the heart. A mystical centrepiece for any space. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed!

Deb Pether
Western Australia

Dena Lawrence’s rugs are complex and unique. They are beautifully woven and resilient to a high volume of home traffic. It is a pleasure to own one and watch it in changing light conditions.

Helen Walsh
Western Australia