Dena Lawrence Rugs Story


"Hand woven pure silk carpets explode into a kaleidoscope of colour."

Designer Rugs hanging on a Tree - Dena Lawrence Rugs

The Firesun Story

Firesun is about being courageous and passionate: it
is a story of using the artistic process to express my authentic, free-flowing, and spontaneous self. It forces me to use my imagination, passion, and curiosity to discover inner spirit and meaning, and in turn, break out of habitual patterns. My artistry is a therapeutic process, and a dance with the unknown that uses intuition and spontaneity to create beauty.

"The splendor established from art and life reflects the elements found in nature: fire, earth, water, air, and space create kaleidoscopic vibrancy and energy in my work, which in itself, is an integrated process, exploring the light and dark within us: I label this the perfume and poison."

This process can either be torturous or revolutionary, depending on how you choose to pursue it. 

Perfume & Poison

Kashmir is a region that has been subject to decades of political unrest, resulting in restrictive curfews and perilous street protests. The resulting human torment, anguish, and mental health issues deeply moved Dena Lawrence, an established artist and accredited art psychotherapist. 

"Kashmir is a mystical land, a place where people are caught in an intractable cycle of repeating extreme opposites: joy and sorrow, heaven and hell, pleasure and pain, love and hate, and perfume and poison are embedded in everyone."

Whist working in the city, Lawrence realized the expertise and skilled hands of the Kashmiri weavers: thus, the idea emerged for her art to be adapted to a different medium. A weaving production centre was created to transform Lawrence's designs into the intricate silk rugs we see today. 

Persian carpet weavers in Kashmir