A therapeutic process, a dance with the unknown, using intuition and spontaneity to create beauty

With decades of experience channelling her extraordinary creative energy into music and visual arts, Dena Lawrence is an explorer of inner and outer landscapes. An acclaimed artist, art therapist and mental health nurse, her artwork is born of an intuitive search, in a free-flowing state, for an authentic spirit of self. By practising techniques she teaches, she uses art as a tool to break habitual behaviour, explore light and dark, celebrate the beauty of nature, and soothe in difficult times.

Dena Lawrence Luxury Rugs

Dena Lawrence’s rugs are the manifestation of the artist’s personal search for harmony and vitality through art. The wildflowers and seascapes of her native Australia and the dazzling colours of India, where she has travelled extensively, are a constant source of inspiration. “Having my artwork transformed by artisans has been extraordinary. The rugs are a way of grounding my innate ephemeral experience. I have adapted my practice for rug designs—my signature kaleidoscopes of colour have been framed and are more contained. Knotted in silk, they glow like gemstones or stained glass.” Dena Lawrence