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Handwoven in Kashmir.

Materials:  100% silk
Knots per sq. inch: 576
Colours: 36
Technique: Hand-woven
Pile Height: 6-7mm
Size:  1.52 x 2.13 metres (5x7ft).
Origin: Kashmir
Area Recommended: All areas

Enter the enchanting world of "Sunmoon," a radiant silk rug designed by artist Dena Lawrence, handwoven in Kashmir. This extraordinary rug weaves together the harmonious dance of opposites found in nature, captivating the soul with its shimmering silk tapestry.

The beautiful tones embody the interplay between the fiery sun and the serene moon. Floral designs gracefully entwine with warm, coppery gold hues of the sun, complemented by silvery reflections of the moon. The visual symphony ignites the imagination.

Crafted meticulously, "Sunmoon" embodies silk's luxurious and soft nature, inviting you to surrender to its sumptuous embrace.
Make "Sunmoon" the radiant centrepiece of your space, adding elegance and sophistication. Whether in the living room, bedroom, or any cherished area, it brings captivating beauty that transcends the ordinary.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of "Sunmoon" and experience the magical transformation it brings to your home. Embrace its bohemian grace as it illuminates your space with a mesmerising glow, creating enchantment and tranquillity.



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